Exclusive Interview With Country Breakout Star Twinnie

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I’m sure you can tell by now that we are BIG Twinnie fans.

After attending the premiere of “Welcome To The Club: The Film” over the summer, it was hard not to fall in musical love with the breakout star. It’s truly rare to find an artist with the ability to be both fully intentional and fully entertaining and Twinnie seems to do it with ease.

This time, she’s back with the official music video for her video “Bad Bad Bitch” and an upcoming new holiday single, “Elf Yourself.”

“Elf Yourself’ feels like a really great tongue-in-cheek message to send to anyone you’re disliking around Christmas time, and it let me get to grips with showing my personality too, and the official video will also star my nieces Demi and Victoria which I’m also really excited to share”

-Twinnie on her upcoming holiday single

We caught up with Twinnie to get the lowdown on the new projects..

Bridge: As an introduction, how would you describe your sound to first-time listeners?

Twinnie: I try not to put my music in a box but I guess it’s Pop-Country in terms of production but for me music is either good or bad. I think if you enjoy songs with a message then you’ll like what I do.  

Bridge: You drew from some deep places with “Welcome To The Club” Where did you draw from for your upcoming releases?

Twinnie: Mental Health is universal, we’ve all got triggers, we’ve all been through things that have caused trauma and we all have our own story. Welcome to the Club really just narrates that journey and I wanted to create a safe space with this record where people are able to just be their most authentic selves without fear of judgement or rejection and I think I’ve just carried that over in the new music. For me I just want to show that your power comes from being you.

Twinnie - releases music video for "bad bad bitch" and announces new single "elf yourself"
Twinnie (2022)

Bridge: Tell us all about them

Twinnie: These songs included on the EP narrate a journey from rock bottom to self-discovery and the sense of freedom of rediscovering yourself. I’m really proud of this body of work and I hope people can see that they’re not alone, we all struggle and that’s okay – I really just wanted to tell that story through this EP which seems to have connected on many levels with the fans including being nominated for the British Short Film Awards. 

Bridge: What do you want listeners to glean from them?

Twinnie: That it’s okay to struggle, it’s okay to have bad days. I just want people to feel they can reach out for help, the journey to feeling free starts with talking, and that’s why I wanted to highlight therapy through the visauls for these songs. I wanted to show that there’s nothing to be ashamed of and that therapy can be a really helpful tool in starting that process of freeing yourself and then with Bad Bad Bitch I wanted to show that a woman you don’t need to worry about what anyone thinks, you can literally be whatever you want to be. Just be your truest self. 

Bridge: Who are some women you look up in the industry right now?

Twinnie: I really admire strong women, people like Shania Twain, Lainey Wilson, Dolly Parton, Haim, Taylor Swift, I just love the way they tell their stories. 

Bridge: As the year comes to an end, what lessons do you feel you’ve learned and will carry over to next year?

Twinnie: I’ve had some amazing highs and some real lows this year, but I’ve learned that it’s all a journey, the good and the bad, it’s all a part of our story. 

Bridge: Give us one big goal for the end of the year… 

Twinnie: I don’t think I’m going to set myself any massive goals, this year has already been amazing. I’ve performed at Wembley Stadium, the Bluebird Cafe, I’ve released a project that I’m really proud of. I have a Christmas single coming out on November 25 to round off the year. I guess one goal is just to keep putting out music

Bridge: Any parting words?

Twinnie: I just want to thank everyone who has listened to my music this year, or supported me in any way. It really does mean the world. 

Check out the Official music video for “Bad Bad Bitch”

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