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Eli Da Vincii [formerly known as Eli Makaveli] was born in the birthplace of hip-hop.

Eli grew up listening to the greats; Lauryn Hill, Tupac, Biggie and Mary J Blige. They inspired him to write, but being shy, he kept his craft close to his heart.

That was until his teenage years when he began to come out of his shell, putting out his freestyles and gaining social media attention.

A few months later, Eli began to release his music professionally.

Da Vincii (his name inspired by famous artist Leonardo Da Vincii) says his music has “twists.” In one interview he said, “I’m not afraid to be different or sound different.”

He says his recently released EP “Celestial: Experimental Tapes” is his greatest work yet.

“There is so much versatility and rawness” he says.

It is that rawness that his fans continue to relate to. No doubt that Eli Da Vincii is a rapper on the rise.

Follow Eli on social media below and check out “Celestial: Experimental Tapes” out now!

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