Eddie Montgomery and Bryan Martin Team Up for Raw and Real “Cost of Being Me”

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Country music enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a dynamic collaboration between the seasoned country icon Eddie Montgomery and rising star Bryan Martin. The duo has come together to deliver a powerful new single, “Cost of Being Me,” and it’s making waves across the country music scene.

Released under the banner of Average Joes Entertainment, “Cost of Being Me” explores the gritty and unpredictable journey of life. Penned by Bobby Pinson, Jami Grooms, Mark McGuinn, and Rusty Tabor, the song dives into the narrative of a life marked by impulsive decisions, reckless spending, and the pursuit of fleeting pleasures. With Nick Gibbens at the production helm, the single not only showcases the collision of experience and fresh talent but also delves into universal themes of self-discovery, loss, and resilience.

The collaboration is particularly poignant for Eddie Montgomery, a country music veteran who has navigated the industry’s highs and lows. Since the tragic loss of his honky-tonking partner, Troy Gentry, in a helicopter crash in 2017, Montgomery has dedicated his music career to honoring Gentry’s memory and preserving the cherished Montgomery Gentry sound. The debut solo album, “Ain’t No Closing Me Down,” released in late 2021, pays homage to the legacy of the beloved band.

Eddie Montgomery’s commitment to keeping the spirit of Montgomery Gentry alive is evident in the soulful resonance of “Cost of Being Me.” The song not only captures the essence of his journey but also serves as a testament to the enduring power of country music to tell authentic stories.

Bryan Martin poses on the hood of a car.
Courtesy of Average Joes Entertainment

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Enter Bryan Martin, a rising force in country music hailing from the oil fields of Louisiana. With a knack for crafting songs that mirror his real-life experiences, Bryan Martin has garnered over 426 million cumulative streams and 750K social media followers. His authenticity shines through in hits like “We Ride,” which has surpassed 80 million streams and resonated deeply with country fans.

Bryan’s journey from the oil fields to the iconic Grand Ole Opry stage on August 29th, 2023, is a testament to his undeniable talent and connection with audiences. His albums, “If It Was Easy” and “Self Inflicted Scars,” serve as a raw and honest reflection of the struggles he has faced since his youth. The recently released project, “Poets & Old Souls,” featuring the everyman anthem “We Ride,” further cements Bryan Martin’s place as an artist who understands and connects with his listeners on a profound level.

As Bryan Martin gears up to join Morgan Wallen on 10 dates of his 2024 One Night at a Time Tour, the country music scene eagerly anticipates the continued rise of this authentic storyteller.

In “Cost of Being Me,” Eddie Montgomery and Bryan Martin have not only delivered a powerful country ballad but have also created a bridge between the rich history of the genre and its promising future. It’s a collaboration that speaks to the heart of country music—raw, real, and resonant.

“Cost Of Being Me” Eddie Montgomery feat. Bryan Martin
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