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Billie Eilish Celebrates Unintentional “Coming Out” at Variety’s Hitmakers Event

In a surprise revelation at Variety's Hitmakers event, Billie Eilish confirmed what some fans might have suspected: she's attracted...

For producer and DJ, Doomsayer, the possibilities are endless.

We caught up with the EDM artist to talk about what he loves about the genre, who inspires him and how much 2020 sucked!

Bridge: Tell us who you are…

D: Hey! I’m Brad Wayne, I am a musician and owner of I lived in Southern California my entire life until moving to Knoxville, TN in late 2015. I have a pit bull named Lewcifurrrr, 30+ exotic aquarium fish and I enjoy my many house plants

Bridge: Well dang. That’s a lot of sushi! I’m just kidding…

D: Yo, that’s rad! I’m stoked for this. I listen to a huge range of music just on a daily basis. EDM is one of the only genres were you can hear death metal vocalists, rappers, pop stars, and a slew of other genres all mixed into one genre or sub genres. You don’t really see Selena Gomez collabing with metal artists and vise versa. I like the aspect of how creative you can get around the genre and there isn’t any one way that it should, or shouldn’t be done. Possibilities within EDM are endless.

Bridge: I love that. It really is such a fluid genre.

Do you feel like EDM is still an under appreciated genre? What do you think are some common misconceptions the mainstream has about EDM?

D: EDM itself is very mainstream these days. I mean, artists like Skrillex, Marshmello, Avicii, Steve Aoki, Diplo and others are basically household names at this point. But just like in the rap game there are tons of different more underground type sub genres. Some common misconceptions though that really urk me and a lot of other people are…. “DJ’s aren’t real musicians.” “DJ’s just push buttons.” When in reality, most people aren’t going to see just a DJ when they pack out these huge shows and festivals. They’re going to see their favorite artist who made their favorite track in a studio just like any other musician would have. A lot of people in the mainstream also do not realize that a lot of the successful DJ/producers out there create all their own sounds from scratch. It takes a top tier musician to do this type of thing. Hand any serious producer/DJ a guitar and I bet he could play it or at least play a few chords. Hand a serious guitar player 2 CDJ decks and I bet they couldn’t even find the cue button.

Bridge: Yeah I would love to see the people that say that try to “push those buttons.” I know just watching engineers work on my songs in the studio hurts my brain. It really is an intense skillset.

Who would you say are your inspirations musically?

D: I always hate this question because I’m ALL OVER the place and don’t really write my music to the tune of anyone else other than what I’m feeling at the moment. I go so far with this that if I do lay down my own vocals, it’s just straight off the top 1 take freestyle. I don’t write anything, I just start vibing on it as I’m making the instrumentals and whatever comes out of my mouth, comes out. But here are some artists I enjoy. Marilyn Manson, Mansionz, Lil Peep, Blackbear. Bunch of sad boy sh!t.

Bridge: Yeah, it is one of those cliche questions but so necessary to get to know an artist. Some are more boxed in and others, like you, just have that flow to them. Love it.

I noticed that you’ve performed alongside some pretty recognizable names in EDM, who would you say was your favorite to perform with?

D: Probably at Doobie a show. Just because backstage we were playing that flip the water bottle game. But instead we were betting on who could do it first and there was money everywhere on the floor backstage and for some reason that was really fun ha.

Bridge: (Laughs) Sounds like a pretty intense game of flip the bottle.

I’m curious about your stage name, where did that come from?

D: My Xbox live username used to be Doomxsayer. Took the X out and bam. I got my stage name basically from playing too much Call Of Duty.

Bridge: Well, I’m sure C.O.D. has inspired alot of artist (laughs)

Another cliche question, what has it been like for you navigating the music industry in 2020? I just love the stories of resilience I’ve been hearing from artists when I ask this.

D: THIS SUCKED! I had a bunch of great shows lined up and some of my first big festivals to perform at. All of this went to sh!t due to that sneaky asshole Covid-19. I was able to play 2 outdoor very covid safe mini festivals though in the last few months and they went down without a hitch. Both of these were in Virginia. Maybe it was West Virginia? It was 2020 who cares where it was ha. 2020 took a huge hit on A LOT of people. To be honest I’m not really to upset about losing shows and what not. I just want everyone to be safe and healthy. Shows will come and go. There will always be more shows.

Bridge: I have to say, that’s the most blunt answer I’ve received and I’m here for it!

Now that 2020 is over, what are some of the goals you have on the horizon for your music career?

D: I have a lot of great music that has just been piling up with Doomsayer. So I’m just building out my catalog backend and trying to decide what to release and when to release it. Some of the festivals that were supposed to be in 2020 have been moved to 2021 and I’m still booked on those. So I’m looking forward to a potentially fun and safe covid pending 2021.

Bridge: Man, I’m hoping it’s not another year of cancelled shows.

What projects are you working on currently? What can we expect from you this coming year?

D: I have a few tracks that are more than likely gonna shake things up a bit. I was able to meet someone who is huge in old school hip hop and got him to do a feature on one of my tracks. I can’t mention who it is, but he’s from Palmdale, CA 😉 I also have several rappers who are huge in the underground hip hop who are going to hop on a few tracks as well.

Bridge: If you could pick any song to be the soundtrack of your life, what would it be?

D: Life Is Good by Future and Drake, because I’m always workin’ on the weekend like usual

Check out Doomsayer on social media to keep up to date on new releases, upcoming shows and the latest news!

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