Director, Producer and Musician, Tian Boothe, Re-Releases ‘Shattered Dream’

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Tian Boothe is an American film director, producer and musician. She is best known for her films Shattered Dream, E.R. Compliance and E.R. Emotional Release. Boothe received her BSc in Information Technology from UCC. She focuses on narrative romance and social issues. Her film, Fall Break, was nominated as Top Student Film. She produced the Rebel Film Festival award winning independent film, Shattered Dream in 2018.

Born in Jamaica, West Indies, Boothe relocated to the United States in 2013 where she studied Software Engineering. It was there she realized that her passion for art was still burning in her heart. She then decided to embark on her her career as a filmmaker and make the move to California to study film.

The multi-talented artist re-released “Shattered Dream” the remastered film version this year, available on iTunes now.

We recently sat down with Tian to find out more about her, her love of music and where she is going from here…

Bridge: Describe your sound 

TB: My style of music is pop mixed with a bit of classical. It really depends on the message I’m trying to convey in each story.

Bridge: How long have you been making music? 

TB: I have making music only a recently but I have been studying the art of music since I was four years old.

Bridge: That’s increidble! What first inspired you to go into music? 

TB: My music teachers would keep recommending my parents to keep me into it which they did not agree. But after winning awards I realized it must be something good for me and got myself back into it when I was old enough to make my own decisions.

Bridge: What do you want listeners to get out of your music? 

TB: I want them to simply just enjoy it.

Bridge: Where do you find your inspiration? 

TB: My inspiration comes from film.

Bridge: What projects are you currently working on? 

TB: I am working on E. R. Emotional Release and also another small musical project which hasn’t been named yet but will be completed before E. R.

Bridge: Do you have any current releases?

TB: Yes I do have a 2022 re-release Shattered Dream Remastered Film Version which is already available on iTunes/Apple Music.

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