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As the son of a legendary gospel singer and a fiery pastor, Deven Powers was destined for greatness.

Bridge: Thanks for joining us Mr. Powers! We will start of by letting you tell our readers in your own words, who you are…

DP: I am a child of the most high! I am here on earth to serve God and humanity. I’m a rapper, actor, model, singer, poet, producer, tv host, radio personality, beat boxer, drummer, martial artist, and motivational speaker. The list goes on and on.

Bridge: Wow. Truly a Renaissance Man!

I love that you’re called “Mr. Hollywood”- I have to ask, what’s the story behind that nickname?

DP: I got the name Mr. Hollywood after always being seen working the red carpets in Hollywood. That along with my acting abilities and persona. The nickname kind of stuck to me several years ago!

Bridge: Nice. It’s a pretty cool name!

Let’s go back to the beginning for a moment…Your mother was a legendary gospel singer, was she the main influence in your life when it comes to music?

DP: Yes! My mother is a legendary gospel singer and a drummer. Legend has it during her pregnancy she actively played the drums in church and worshipped God and because of that playing music and singing was embedded in my DNA. At an early age my mom witnessed me turning over pots and pans in the kitchen pretending to play the drums. The rest is history. That was until the tender age of 13 when I was given my very first drum set by a member of the legendary Gap Band. At that age, I became one of the Top Drummers in the state of California and the nation in my church congregation.

Bridge: And your father, he was a pastor. What was it like finding your stride in the entertainment industry coming from that background?

DP: Well, being the son of a pastor I grew being conscious of how I should carry myself and what I can and cannot say because I’m a living example of how Christ lived. Growing up my father was very strict. He did allow me to listen to rap music, but when he wasn’t around I would listen to DJ Quik, 2pac, e40. They were my rap influences growing up. It was kinda tough at first finding my stride in the industry but in 2017 and 2018 it started to fall in place. Naturally around that time I found my identity as artist

Bridge: And you are the 10th of 14 children (wow!) Are you the only one in the entertainment industry? Are your siblings musically inclined as well?

DP: Yes, I’m the only one in this industry. I’m the chosen one in my family. All of my brothers and sister either sing or play an instrument. At my father’s church you would either sing, played the drums, the guitar, bass guitar, keyboard or teach Sunday school. The most talented of all my sibling has to be my older brother Dallas.

My father played the guitar but I have to say the music talent was on my mother side. Here’s a fun fact; back in the days long before Jimi Hendrix, my grandfather Elder Ivory Williams would play the guitar with his teeth during church services! Making and playing music is who I am.

Bridge: His teeth? What a way to praise the Lord! (laughs)

Let’s talk about the path that got you where you are today. Was it a struggle?

DP: Oh my gosh! I went through a faze in my life when I was a 19 year old kid and I spent time incarcerated. During my incarceration, I discovered my hidden talents as rapper, poet and beat boxer. At that time I rededicated my life to God and vowed to be a living example, showing others that you can go from committing crimes to living righteously. If I could turn my life around and become a success story, you can too! My purpose is to inspire others to live right.

Bridge: That is an amazing testimony! What is the craziest thing that has happened during that time? DP: I would have to say wittnessing prison riots and seeing violence in prison. Talking with lifers that wish they could get a second chance. The regret of a bad decision that they cant take back. The prison experience is what changed my life, it made me humble and I learned not to take anything for granted like my freedom and my life. Being in prison really made me realize that I am not a criminal but am much more than that. Bridge: That is certainly a heavy experience. It’s encouraging to hear about God’s faithfulness in your life.

Can you tell us what projects are you currently working on?

DP: I’m currently working on both “The Bad Boyz of Hollywood” feature film and the movie sound track for the movie. The lead singles off the movie soundtrack is a song called Tha Detox and Me & My Low Rida & Tripple Dee.

I’m also working on a R&B album the lead single off this album is a song called “Memories”

Bridge: What can we expect to see from you in 2021?

DP: You guys can expect new movies, new music, tv appearances, radio interviews and music breaking into the billboards Top 100 charts.

I would like to say in conclusion, thank for this amazing interview. God Bless You!

Bridge: And thank you for taking the time to talk with us!

One last question we love to ask, what song would you pick to be the soundtrack of your life?

DP: 2pacs “Me against The World” because Pac faced so many obstacles and overcame so much to become one of the greatest rappers, actors and entertainers of all time!

Get the latest on “Mr. Hollywood” by following him on social media and go to to check out his projects!

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