Delivering An Invigorating And Spirited Mix Of Rock And Post-Punk, The Haptics, Drops Debut Album “Second Best”

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With head-banging fervor, The Haptics’ new music surrounds audiences with harmonious rhythms, infectious beats, and passionate songwriting. Delivering an invigorating and spirited mix of Rock and Post-Punk, The Haptics is a brilliant and skilled group of individuals. The promising artists got together in 2022 with a common goal and passion for creating noise and making their mark in the industry. A talented collective, The Haptics hope to create a space where each person feels heard and seen, and through the everlasting appeal of Post-Punk and Rock, they are doing just that. 

The group’s new album, “Second Best,” dropped for audiences on October 26th, 2022, and radiates a range of honest emotions and sentiments. Dominated by a distinguished Alternative Rock and Grunge appeal, the new record is a fitting depiction of what can be achieved when great minds come together. Tracks such as “Violator,” “Doubt,” “Connection,” and “FM” are also layered with undertones of classic Punk style. With their iconic style, The Haptics bring together flavors of Shoe Gaze and Punk Rock to create their own brand of post-Punk music.

The Haptics, Drops Debut Album “Second Best”
The Haptics, Drops Debut Album “Second Best”

The creative band plan to hit 2023 hard with some touring and a new album already in the works. They remain prepared and ready to spread their music far and wide in 2023 and look forward to playing live as often as possible. 

With dedicated plans of bursting into the scene in a spectacular fashion, The Haptics intends to get into outdoor festivals on and around the west coast. The group has already applied for South by Southeast and intends to participate in North by Northeast festival this spring as well. True to their mission, the band continues amazing listeners with their commanding presence. 

Check out The Haptics’ new album “Second Best” on Spotify and other streaming services! Follow the artist on social media for updates on new music, and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations. 

“Second Best”:

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