Danish Netflix Series ‘Baby Fever’ Returns for a Second Season

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Netflix announced the second season of the acclaimed Danish Netflix series Baby Fever. The six-part romantic comedy-drama returns with Josephine Park in the leading role as Nana, and is created by Amalie Næsby Fick together with Nikolaj Feifer.

In the second season of Baby Fever, we meet Nana (Josephine Park), now mother to a two-month-old baby. But, as much as she adores her child, Nana hates being on maternity leave. So she begs her old boss, Helle, to give her back her job. Helle grudgingly agrees: but no mistakes and no lies this time! Nana promises to mend her ways and do better, whatever it takes to become the world’s best fertility doctor again! The only thing is she hasn’t given any thought to who will care for her baby while she’s at work. Reluctantly, she ends up asking her mum to live in as a kind of permanent babysitter/roommate from hell. But Nana has no choice, because more than ever she has to excel at her job now that the perfect new star doctor, Hampus, has stepped into her shoes in her absence. Every day is a new mountain to climb, and to top it all, Mathias is still lurking in the wings. The great love of her life who got away, but also the love that doesn’t know he’s father to Nana’s baby. More than ever before, Nana needs to lie, and conversely, more than ever she needs to tell the truth…

Amalie Næsby Fick and Nikolaj Feifer, creators: “We are thrilled and excited to be doing season 2 of Baby Fever. We love Nana and simply don’t feel we’ve finished exploring her character, or the fertility clinic as a setting, because it holds so many compelling stories we want to share. Now we have the opportunity to introduce a host of new characters while letting our regulars from Season 1 push the boundaries of comedy and drama still further.”

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