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International sensation, Daniela Bessia, has always been in love with music…

We got a chance to chat with the Shanghai-based entertainer about where she started and where she’s going.

Bridge: Hi there! We want the readers to know, in your own words, who you are…

DB: First of all, thank you dear Terah for your support and contribution to the music.

My name is Daniela Bessia, and I generally define myself as an entertainer, since I’ve always worked in the field of entertainment. I had the opportunity to act in movies, TV series, advertisements, make documentaries, host my television shows, I’ve even had my own cooking show on National Television. But what I like the most is music and composing. I love when we go on tour with our band, interact with our crowd at live concerts, and each time we release a new song. Bridge: You are very welcome! I am a huge fan and we’re honored that you’ve taken the time to chat with us!

So, I’ve seen alot of your acting but when did you start singing?

DB: Well, I was always in love with music. When I finished high school I started the conservatory to study piano. One day I won a scholarship to study languages on the other side of the world, China, the furthest place from Argentina. Once on campus, I signed up for all the extracurricular cultural classes. One of them was learning Chinese songs and I ended up singing for our university event. The director of China’s Got Talent was watching our performances, and then he invited me to open his TV show as a special guest to sing along with the winners from the previous season. After that, the highest-rated TV shows kept calling me to perform often to their shows and I never stopped singing.

Bridge: That sounds like a whirlwind experience! So, do you write your own songs?

DB: Yes, I do write all my songs. For arrangements, I always count on our well-known musician and music producer Andy Santana Bass. He’s my right hand man in music.

Bridge: It’s always good to have a talented producer in your corner!

How would you say the music industry differs from the movie industry?

DB: Well, I’m sure there are many differences, we could talk forever on this topic. I can tell you the differences that I have experienced in those industries. For example, in the music industry have always been more difficult for me because I produce myself, I’m completely independent. It is a lot of work and energy trying to prepare yourself, perform, have time to compose, produce, distribute, advertise, etc. On the other hand, in my experience as an actress or Television host, I always had a very large team working for the show. Obviously, after so many years in the entertainment industry, where each program is different, each experience will always be different. But in general, I always had the opportunity to perform for the largest television networks in Asia, such as Tencent, Endemol to name a few.

Bridge: I feel that. It’s a whole different thing trying to make it as an Independent artist.

You are so talented at both but if you had to choose between acting and singing, which would it be?

DB: Ayaa, I owe you this answer. I love it so much both, I would love to do a musical movie. (laughs)

Bridge: (laughs) Good answer, good answer!

You are from Argentina based in China, what made you choose that as your home base?

DB: The truth is that it was a chain of events. I was already working in Argentina as an artist, filming for television programs and mostly acting for international advertisements. Meanwhile, I was studying piano at the conservatory of Buenos Aires. One day I started performing for a Chinese entertainment company which led me to want to study Chinese. Once in the Chinese course, and thanks to the support of my teachers who prepared me for my next adventure, I participated in a highly-rated reality show on Chinese National Television called “Chinese Bridge”. Once in China, we filmed in various cities and I fell in love with Shanghai. After I went back in Buenos Aires, Shanghai somehow kept calling me, and I applied for a language scholarship and went back to Shanghai to study Chinese at the University. I was only supposed to stay one year, but China welcomed me with open arms and it became my second home.

Bridge: That’s beautiful, that you found a place your heart feels at home.

Can you tell us, what projects are you currently working on?

DB: We just released our last album with all originals this past February 2021 called “I’m Here” in English and Spanish with Andy Santana Bass. You can find it on all streaming platforms! The album came along with a music video directed by the famous Gabriel Grieco called “Crazy”, you can watch it on my VEVO channel. Regarding music, we are now working on new singles, cooperating with artists from all over the world. On the acting side, there are several productions in development and pre-production, but due to the current situation, everything is delayed until further notice for the safety of the crew. Bridge: I checked out the video for “Crazy”-it was awesome! So well done!

What goals do you have for your music career?

DB: I would like my work with music, to be more similar to my work with television. Already with a work team, where we can reach more people and where I can have more time to compose new songs and prepare myself.

Bridge: Do you have any new singles out right now?

DB: Our last single was a Spanish Latin Original Soundtrack called “Escuela de Sabores”, composed for the Chinese National Television for their Spanish Channel by Andy Santana and me. And the cover of Santa Claus is Coming To Town in different versions, English, Spanish and Italian for Christmas time. Right now we are creating two new original singles, one cooperating with Argentina and the other one with France. Can’t wait to see it out there.

Bridge: That’s exciting! We will definitely be sharing your next release!

If you could choose any song to be the soundtrack of your life, what would it be?

DB: The Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd

Bridge: Nice! I love it when someone’s answer to that question surprises me!

Keep up with Daniela on social media and be on the lookout for her next single!

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