Country Artist Tae Lewis To Release New Single

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Emerging Country singer/songwriter, Tae Lewis, does not sell short when it comes
to his creation of music. Growing up in North Carolina, Tae started singing in
the church but deep inside, country music was his first love.
Fast forward to 2016, he began to push towards his element as a country
artist. By 2019 Tae began to blend his gospel upbringing with his country
music through his single “Against The Grain”.
Though he has faced many adversities, he still strives to make his presence
known in the country music industry. When record labels turned him away,
he still made effort to push through the trials and began to create his own

Photo by Eric Ahlgrim

Tae released his EP “The Introduction” which exemplifies the amount
of work and dedication he has put forward to make his presence known in
the music industry. He brings in a certain flare that gives you a taste of his
upbringing of Gospel and Soul as well as his pop style he brings to the
forefront of country music.

His new single “I Don’t” will be dropping on February 22nd , 2022

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