Cory Singer Releases New Single “Chance Of A Lifetime”

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Cory Singer’s “Chance of a Lifetime” makes all of our hearts burst.

It is a dreamy ballad meant to bring people together. In the song, he professes his love by explaining that their love is the chance of a lifetime. In the chorus Singer asks, “What’s it gonna be?” after mentioning being together forever, finally being complete, and even a house by the sea; he’s using very thoughtful imagery to propose this love interest into saying yes. This song, obviously from the title, is a perfect proposal song for wedding season and will be a signature song for so many. Either way, “Chance of a Lifetime” is an essential love song.

“Chance Of A Lifetime (The Proposal) – 2022

Cory Singer has tons of character in his voice. It’s dynamic and full of attitude. The strings, guitar, piano, and percussion are right where they need to be. The strings add great depth, the piano keeps the melody upright, and the strumming of the guitar and in-pocket drums holds the rhythm steady. Everything fits together so smoothly, creating a great song that sits in the ear just right. “Chance of a Lifetime” is a bold, colorful song you will not want to miss.

About Cory

NJ Native Cory Singer is an accomplished singer/songwriter/musician and theater performer. Cory has performed in arenas before thousands nationwide. He starred in BRAVO TV’s singing Competition The Kandi Factory, winning the grand prize, taking home a song penned by Grammy Award Winning Artist Kandi Burress, “I Can Do Anything”.  Cory is an exceptional songwriter and he captivates his audiences no matter the venue or event.  He finished out 2017 on a high note being added to several media magazine watch lists for 2018. Cory has become an advocate for children, families, and adults who are on the spectrum.  He has used his TikTok to promote positivity by inspiring others with his platform.  Cory has coined the phrase ‘”Let’s Normalize Autism.” He currently has over 500K fans and followers worldwide. 

Stream “Chance Of A Lifetime” here.

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