Connor Kelly & The Time Warp Release New Single ‘Roy G. Biv’

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In the vast landscape of America’s thriving music scene, one band is making a resounding comeback.

Hailing from Tennessee, Connor Kelly & The Time Warp are captivating audiences with their unique blend of 90s grunge influences and modern sensibilities. Following the success of their recent full-length album, “Distant Forest,” the group is once again pushing boundaries and exploring their musical prowess with their latest single, “Roy G. Biv.”

Drawing inspiration from rock legends like Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Connor Kelly & The Time Warp pays homage to their predecessors while adding their own contemporary flavor. Their dedication to creating an authentic and dynamic musical experience is evident through their energetic stage presence and willingness to take creative risks.

Connor Kelly & The Time Warp Release New Single 'Roy G. Biv'
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Roy G. Biv” showcases the band’s commitment to reinventing grunge. The song seamlessly blends powerful drums, distorted electric guitars, and fuzzy bass riffs reminiscent of the 90s. The vocals soar, leading listeners on a captivating journey through abstract themes and musical ingenuity. Frontman Connor Kelly explains that the song explores the concept of having multiple personas and the accompanying dishonesty.


-Connor Kelly

This single marks the beginning of a new chapter for Connor Kelly & The Time Warp. “Roy G. Biv” revitalizes the pure essence of 90s grunge with a contemporary twist, embracing the freedom of self-expression and the complexities of personal identity. The song encapsulates Kelly’s dreams and aspirations for musical liberation.

With its captivating creative energy, “Roy G. Biv” breathes new life into the grunge revival. It appeals to both old and new grunge fans, offering an optimistic outlook for the genre. Connor Kelly & The Time Warp’s dedication to pushing sonic boundaries and staying true to themselves solidifies their place in the music industry.

This Tennessee-native rock band confidently carves their own path, infusing their music with the essence of rock. Their electrifying performances and unique sound position them to redefine and disrupt the rock music scene. Connor Kelly & The Time Warp are leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape as they embrace their true colors.

Listen to “Roy G. Biv” here:

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