Coleman.X Returns With “all alone” – a Powerful Anthem For The Lonely

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Born in Alabama, Coleman.X was raised by the frontman of a rock band, encouraging him to explore music from a young age. At age 15, he learned electronic production and started uploading his songs online, discovering a community based around queer culture and club music. Turning to music as his escape, Coleman began performing and releasing at age 16. He moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2020 to study music business, dropping out a year later to focus on writing and creative directing his debut album.

Fast forward to 2023 when Coleman.X continues to make a name for himself in Music City, starting off the new year with a powerful new single, “all alone.”

“all alone” is an epic showcase of the artists growth as a musician since his arrival in Nashville. The song starts with a vocoder playing a progression of chords something that would sound like an opening to a Daft Punk song and soon he prances in with his airy vocals as he goes “I wanna go out Pretend I’m alright Forget all the shit that keeps me up at night” 

Coleman.X Returns With "all alone" - a Powerful Anthem For The Lonely

The track boasts layers and layers of instrumentation carried by a powerful yet effortless drum beat. Life continues to team in the single, lead by electric guitars and subtle synths. The arrangement is one of the most structured, deliberately releasing sounds and spaces, giving the song breathing room. The swirling organs and guitars build the chorus elevating it above, floating above the song. A ghostly guitar solo towards the end with a distorted and warping-sounding tone completes the song as a whole, a climactic ending.

Coleman says of the lyrics, “I wrote ‘all alone’ while navigating a testing time in my life- depression, substance abuse, heartbreak, separation from religion. Everything was caving in on me and I had nowhere left to go. The song has healed me through solitude; my anthem for the lonely.” Coleman spins all of this into his music in the face of the present.

Listen to “all alone,” available everywhere now.

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