Christian Hard Rock Artist, Zahna: Not Your Everyday Evangelist.

Formerly the front-woman of the national touring band, ILIA, Zahna is making a name of her own as a powerhouse in Christian hard rock.

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From epic screams, to heart-piercing lyrics, Zahna represents Jesus like no other.  

We recently sat down with the edgy artist to find out more about who she is, what she represents and where she’s going from here.

Bridge: Tell us everything we need to know about you!

Z: Hi! My real name is Suzy Martinez Madsen, and my stage name Zahna (ZAHN-uh) comes from my full Mexican name pronunciation Susana (pronounced Sue-SAH-nah). I’m Mexican, I’m a bilingual solo rock artist, I’m married to a beautiful white man, I love writing songs, and you definitely NEED to know that I love cats, especially black ones

Bridge: So, beautiful husband, cat mom, got it!

-You know your whole vibe screams rockstar on and off the stage, has it always been your dream?

Z: You know what? Not always, but yes, pretty early on. My first dream was becoming an astronaut as a kid, then it changed to being a broadway actress, and slowly I found my way to the rockstar dream around 13 years old.

Bridge: I would not have guessed astronaut! Love it!

-Your style has always been so unique and intense and isn’t what people typically expect from a Christian artist (in the best way) so, has their been any pushback from the Christian community regarding your style? 

Z: Yes. I have to be really careful on my outfit choices. People call everything and anything immodest. I have to be careful to not pose suggestively, but I can’t help if I might be a little photogenic, ya know?

Of course I get people every now and then still calling my musical style satanic lol but I promise my lyrical content is always faith-based.

Bridge: I’ve always admired that about you. You are mindful of how you represent God but are unapologetic in the gifts that He gave you. 

-If you could say anything to yourself when you first started in the music business, what would it be?

Z: Stop thinking everyone is gonna come save you or make your career huge. Your destiny is in your own hands and the only person that’s gonna take you to the level you want, is yourself. 

Also, I would’ve told myself to believe in myself and to have confidence, because I struggled a lot with approval from others, and I wish I could’ve told my younger self that I had it and have it in me all along. I always have. It took a lot of failure and being taken advantage of to get to that point. But all of those experiences were necessary to finally understand who I am, and to get to where I am now internally in regards to my self-confidence.

Zahna (2020)

Bridge: What has been the most memorable part of your career to date?

Z: So many amazing things. Probably getting to open up for my heroes while playing a festival in Germany. The first time I played in Germany, Patrick and I got married and then had our honeymoon all in the same two weeks. Festival paid for flights so we got to spend our honeymoon in Europe. That was the best two weeks of my life.

Bridge: Ah, a hard rock fairy tale! Is there anything better?

-What would you say is the ultimate goal or dream for your career?

Z: To be a very well known artist in my genre, and have the best of both the Christian and mainstream world. To have a profitable business model, and a solid fan base. To produce excellent and soul-moving music, and to be able to tour whenever I want to, not out of need. To create art and videos that speak to people, and to be a respected musician and song-writer, and have it be my main income source. Wow! That’s a lot!

Bridge: Nah, it’s exactly the right amount! 

-Do you see yourself being a heavy rocker into your old age? I feel like I can picture that, and its awesome!

Z: You know what, I probably will be. I may not wear such tight clothes at that age, but definitely I can see my wardrobe staying very black, lol. 

I really hope by that point I’m able to develop younger artists and write songs for a lot of bigger artists. I really just hope to become a very seasoned music industry professional. I think I’ll always see myself in the music industry. 

Zahna is known for her intense vocal screams.

Bridge: For those of you who don’t know, Suzy is married to Patrick Madsen, former drummer of American International rock band, Random Hero Band.

-What is it like being married to someone in the business?

Z: It’s really helpful. Patrick and I constantly bounce ideas back and forth. I knew I needed to marry someone in this industry cause a lot of my boyfriends in the past couldn’t handle me touring and leaving. But I also needed someone just as ambitious and strategic as a lifelong partner. I love him so much! Also, he is very sexy. That is all.

Bridge: The perfect match!

-The question of the year, what has it been like navigating the music business in 2020?

Z: Weird. Frustrating. Everyone had plans for this year, and they all went kaput. Ive had to pivot a lot of things this year, but a lot of good things came out of doing so.. I was able to really focus on my new album, start a side business, and learn how to cook better. Finally!

Bridge: We ask everyone this, and we may be judging you harshly, what song would be the soundtrack to your life?

Man….. Bronx Season by Cardi B 🤣🤣🤣🤣

…Can’t say we were expecting that!


Be sure to download Zahna’s album Red For War and follow her on social media or on her official website for updates, tour dates and some epic screams!

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