Charlie Puth Doesn’t Think Harry Styles Likes Him Very Much

The singer explains that it all goes back to an incident that occurred in 2014.

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Charlie Puth recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his latest self-titled album.

During the interview, Fallon asked Puth to give an explanation for an encounter he had with Harry Styles in 2014 that allegedly didn’t end up well. Charlie answered Jimmy, saying that he was eating at a fancy restaurant in LA right after he signed his first recording contract when Styles and his manager walked in.

“I don’t get smitten with anybody but at the time, I got whole body chills,” the Lightswitch singer admitted about seeing Harry. He went to say that upon seeing the One Direction singer, he decided to tweet about how he was feeling. “I, for whatever reason, took out my phone and was like ‘you’re not gonna believe this. What a week in LA! I sign a record contract and who walks in? None other than Harry Styles. And then 15 paparazzi are out front in like five minutes.”

Fallon got quite the laugh and asked Puth if he had heard from Harry since then. Shaking his head, Charlie emphatically replied, “No. I don’t think he likes me very much.” Jimmy disagreed, calling Styles a “nice guy.”

We’re on Jimmy’s side, what’s not to love?

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