Chaos Emeralds Release New Album “II”

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Indie pop duo Chaos Emeralds are thrilled to release their new album II, available everywhere now.

The band says, “With II we set out to make a tour de force of classic indie electro-pop. The first half would be suited for an impromptu dance party with friends, while the other half digs deep down and launches the listener into space like a cosmic slingshot, rocketing past their worries and doubts Ultimately, floating in a hopeful place amongst the stars.”

Known for soaring melodies and spellbinding synthesizers, Nashville-born electro-pop duo Chaos Emeralds pair feather-light falsetto with driving, electronic beats to conjure the woozy energy of summer love, glittering dance parties, and modern, existential freedom. There’s a captivating cleanliness to their sound, reminiscent of European electro-pop acts like Phoenix and M83, but distorted and enriched by the combined virtuosity of Ellsworth’s classical piano and Andrews’s slick production.

Chaos Emeralds music feels both hyper-familiar and brand-spanking-new: pure pop melodies made sleek and surprising, cinematic swells that just keep expanding, and a pure intensity that’s hard to shake, even long after the tracks fade. With the July release of their sophomore album II, Chaos Emeralds solidify their standing as lovable, hyper-creative hitmakers at the forefront of the indie/electro-pop scene.

Chaos Emeralds “II” (2022)

With the July 2022 release of their sophomore album II, Chaos Emeralds extend their gaze to a broader world—without losing the signature sense of play that makes their music sparkle. Co-written and co-produced by Andrews and Ellsworth and mastered by Jett Galindo (Barbra Streisand, Weezer, Neil Young, Pink Floyd), the album presents a compelling mix of self-discovery, party anthems, playful observations, and songs about modern humanity.

What starts as a shimmering, upbeat party album slowly evolves into heavier territory, backed by increasingly cinematic arrangements of synthesizers, keyboards, layered guitars, and electronic drums. “This one’s for people who like to dance AND cry,” says Ellsworth. II is more diverse in subject matter and more complex in its musicality, perhaps because the majority of the album was created long-distance, with Ellsworth in California and Andrews in Wisconsin. But the sense of celebration and ease that put Chaos Emeralds on the map is still intensely present, especially in details like the joyful, distant “WHOOP!” that repeats throughout opening track “No Pressure” and the flashy synth infrastructure that lights up the single “Losing My Cool.” The songs on II increase in both drama and scope from beginning to end, with intricate, thoughtful middle tracks like “Monolith” leading to the pining, expansive final track “Ignite,” which moves through a range of dynamic and emotional soundscapes before ending with a stunning, delicate piano solo.

The collaboration between Andrews and Ellsworth continues to evolve from its easy, neighborly origins into a more dynamic, purposeful trajectory, but the abiding essence of

Chaos Emeralds remains the same: This is the sound of shared joy.

II is available everywhere now, stream here and follow Chaos Emeralds on their socials below.

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