Carameladora Releases New Album, “Wish List”

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The latest album “Wish List” from our old friend, Carmeladora, makes for another emotionally swelling release. Boasting nine cathartic tracks, “Wish List” plays as the perfect soundtrack for your holiday season.

As we previously reported, Carameladora, who hails from Bucharest, began making music in 2019 when she first learned how to use a DAW. Her passion for creating emotionally evocative tracks has continued to grow and show its power with each release. The fact that her music career started at 47 years old lends itself so well to her music, bringing her depth of wisdom and experience to each carefully crafted tune.

As for the latest, Carameladora says that the album was created more like a “Thank you list.” The artist initially wanted to name the project as such but felt that with the holiday season here, “Wish List” made for the perfect moniker. “Many of my dreams have been fulfilled this time of year and I am grateful for everything I have,” she says.

The overwhelming gratitude for her family, friends, home, job, and passions flows through the project from track to track, with carefully chosen notes and instruments to communicate the deep appreciation and joy the artist feels in her life. As she says, “This album is dedicated to them!” This is her letter of appreciation to those that keep her in their heart.

“Wish List” will serve your playlists well as it carries the air of hope and future that is found in the sweetness of a holiday and a new year. It is an album for dreamers and those needing a bit of joy in the season. Carameladora says in regards to the album, “May all of your Christmas wishes come true!”

Check out “Wishlist” on all digital streaming platforms and be sure to follow Carmeladora on her musical journey!

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