Capitol CMG Artist, Christian Paul, Shares Powerful Testimony In New Single ‘Yes I Am’

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Christian Paul is a man of a conviction.

Born and raised in Alabama, he spent his childhood around things that “seemed spiritual,” never fulling grasping the true meaning of the gospel. “My understanding of what it meant to follow Jesus was all just an external conformity to some arbitrary, man-made standard of what was righteous,” he told BRIDGE in a recent interview. “It wasn’t until 2020 that the Lord really opened my eyes to the full understanding of the gospel.”

Christian had been signed as a solo, pop artist in New York and was in the middle of a major radio promo run when he heard the gospel and for the first time, truly understood it.

It was such a powerful encounter, in fact, that Christian felt his desires, affections and motivations change entirely. So entirely, that he made the decision to back away from the general market to pursue christian music.

Think about that for a moment. A young artist, in the middle of his dreams coming true, deciding to walk away from in all for the love of Jesus.

Capitol CMG Artist, Christian Paul, Shares Powerful Testimony In New Single 'Yes I Am'
Courtesy of 1824

Truthfully, I don’t know many christians who would have been able to make that decision. As I listened to Christian speak, I wasn’t even sure if I would have had the depth of faith to make it myself.

It is that deeply passionate spirit, coupled with an incredible vocal gifting, that continues to make Paul such a success in recent years. With 30M career streams and his viral TikTok having gained 327K followers in 5 months, Christian Paul has generated an outstanding 1.9M likes and 25M views on the platform alone. His first single, “Won’t Rain Anymore,” has given listeners a glimpse of what’s to come.

Now signed with Capitol Christian Music Group, Christian is drawing from both his faith and his roots to forge his own path in music.

One of his earliest memories back in Alabama are of his father sitting him down and playing him hundreds of songs, introducing him to soulful icons like Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding and Sam Cook. It was this organic education in R&B combined with Paul’s impressive falsetto that formed his unique sonic style. Capitol CMG describes his music as “combining the R&B he was raised on, the pop excellence he once aspired to, and the faith he’s currently deciphering.”

That intense melding of who he is and who he aspires to be is put on perfect display with his recent single “Yes I Am,” released March 24th.

“This song is very testimonial,” Christian tells BRIDGE, “The message is that God saved me and He can save you too.”

The single is a “fun and jovial” walking through of God’s grace in Paul’s life. A story that he is more than willing to tell.

Christian Paul is not only emerging as a rising star but also as musical missionary of sorts, sharing the truth of the character of God in a powerful and thought-provoking way.

Check out “Yes I Am,” streaming everywhere now and follow his journey on social media @thisischristianpaul while he is currently working on a slate of original songs in LA with some of mainstream pop’s most esteemed producers, such as Frequency (Eminem, Rihanna, etc.). 

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