Brent Saba To Release Highly Anticipated Three Song EP March 18th


The music of Pennsylvania-native, Brent Saba, can be best described as “Soft Rock, Beach Country.” Saba brings the feel-good melodic sound that is taking the industry by storm since the arrival of artists such as Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, and Dierks Bentley, all of which are listed as Brent’s musical influences.

His baritone resonance and reassuring delivery blend well into each one of his tracks. His debut single, “Carolina Girl,” and follow-up release, “Southern State of Mind,” hit the ground running, setting the pace for a powerful debut in 2021.

Though he’s from just north of the Mason Dixon line, Brent moved to Texas in 2010. It was there he fell in love with country music, and for good reason. Texas has long served as the inspiration for many country songs over the years in the ever-evolving country music industry.

We caught up with the feel-good artist to get to know a little more about him and what he has going on in 2022.

Bridge: How long have you been making music?

BS: Three years – I picked up the guitar in December 2018 and haven’t put it down since! 

Bridge: How would you describe your sound to a first time listener?

BS: I would describe my sound as “soft rock beach country” – a feel-good, melodic style and sound. I grew up spending the summers at the beach (and live by the beach now) so it really fits who I am. That said, I have plenty of upcoming songs that get into other aspects of life and look forward to releasing them.

Bridge: What do you want your fans to feel when they listen to your music?

BS: Lyrics are important but emotion is equally important. I want my listeners to connect with the emotion of my songs and their overall messages. Every song I’ve done is slightly different, emotionally, as well as production and instrumentation-wise. 

Bridge: What is your creative process like?

BS: I could talk about this all day. When I first started writing, I started with a notebook and a pen, but that didn’t work. So I switched to sitting with my guitar and finding a melody – just messing around with chord progressions, strumming and playing patterns, key, and pace. While I am doing this I have in the back of my mind the theme or idea I am going for. Sometimes a melody comes right away, other times it develops over days, or weeks. I’ve learned to live with the songs I’m working on and let them progress naturally. Once I get to this point I sit in front of my computer and hash out lyric ideas – especially the chorus and the hook. After I have a good basis for the song, I record a demo and send it to my producer (in Nashville) and then we go back and forth about the production/instrumentation, then finally we cut the track. 

Bridge: What is your go-to song when you’re going through something difficult?

BS: Wow, that’s a great question. I’d have to go through my Spotify playlists…probably anything from Luke Bryan’s 2013 Crash My Party album – that entire album just gets me. 

Bridge: Who would be your dream collaboration?

BS: If not Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, or Jake Owen, I’d say George Strait or a hip-hop / rap collab. 

Bridge: Tell us about your current projects…

BS: I have two very exciting ones, behind the upcoming 3-song EP release. One song was given to me by a talented group of songwriters (which I’ll have a big release party for) and the other I wrote in January this year while vacationing/playing in Florida. The one I wrote in Florida, in my opinion, is going to be something. 

Bridge: What else do you have going on that our readers should know about?

BS: What else do you have going on that our readers should know about? Come hear me play live in Charleston, SC when you are in the area. I play throughout the Carolinas and especially in the Lowcountry.