Australian Duo “The Long And Short Of It” Soar To Success With New Single “A Little Love Will Fix You Up”

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The Long and Short Of Its highly successful single “A Little Love Will Fix You Up” takes listeners instantly to a place of high vibrancy and bright energy, feeling whisked away to a world of positive reassurance that love will fix you up. The single release from duo members David Baird and Patsy Toop comes off of their highly acclaimed album Midnight Choir, which climbed to #1 on theARIAAustralian CountryAlbums Chart, as well as #3 on theARIACountryAlbums Chart and #6 on the ARIAAustralian Albums Chart.This latest release has a feel good summer sound to it, and the comfort that this song places upon listeners is powerful, soothing, and needed in a medium people use so much, like music.

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With over 161K streams to date, this single has hit new heights and numbers for The Long and Short Of It, and has put them on the map globally, garnering attention across the globe. “Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right person to love,” David Baird says, “But don’t give up because time will heal all and love is the ultimate tonic that will fix you up.”

The lyrics of this song ring true and assure anyone that much can be fixed with love. This song is the type that someone can cling on to and feel moved by, or even better, changed by. “When you feel your world will never ever be the same, There’s no way you could get over the break, Stealing for a healing left you feeling that you can’t trust, Oh, a little bit of love, a little love will fix you up.

David and Patsy’s warm vocals are perfectly layered within the song and express the immense passion and emotion that are woven into the lyrics. The album was produced by Emmy Award-winning Music Producer Kenny Royster, who is notable for producing Luke Combs’ number-one hit, “Hurricane,” and working with Michael Ray and Trace Adkins.

Continuing the success of the Midnight Choir album, “‘A Little Love Will Fix You Up’ was written to inspire anyone to get over a heartbreak and find new love as a little love will fix you up,” adds Kenny.

It is widely known that any great songwriter must be able to effectively communicate emotion through their lyrics, and “The Long and Short of It” have surely mastered that skill, as proven through this new single. The duo continues to create traditional country music by penning relatable lyrics that are truly inspiring. The way that David and Patsy so seamlessly communicate feelings to their listeners through their authentic lyrics is rare. A true testament to the power of their songwriting, and the precision of it as well.

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