Atlanta Rock Band The Corduroy Blue Release Self-Title Debut Album

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The Atlanta based rock band, The Corduroy Blue, have come in with their latest release, the self titled debut album The Corduroy Blue. The band is composed of two brothers Atticus & Luke Roness. In the fog of their self experiences and emotions as kids in their early years, they decided to make music out of it. The album is like a soundtrack for their lives. An album they wish they could have heard in their formulative years.

With the brothers having a knack of showmanship and love for rock n roll, they explore the possibilities of putting their ideas out in this modern day and age. Offering a glimpse into their inspirations and idols to which they grew up listening to, narrating it through their music and songwriting. This being their full length self titled debut album, laying a foundation for their future music to build on. 

Blending experiences and rock n roll with the occasional glaze of shoegaze shinny guitars, consonant keys and rock elements the brothers have created something thoughtful and energetic that can make anyone listening to it experience rock. 

“Her Majesty” is the final single of the album, with suspended electric guitars, piano melodies it surely gets you hooked on and if you aren’t hooked yet the vocal harmonies that join in would surely get you glued, harmonies reminiscent of The Beatles, a guitar solo remindful of Queen’s Brian May, a free moving horn and triumphant string section in the background, making it sound grand, a very late 60s and 70s sounding era. These features make it impossible not to think about these great bands, the rock era and at the same time feel proud with this new generation adorning rock music in their very own way. The duo add, “ Her Majesty takes you on the journey of the cycles of a romantic relationship, split into 4 acts. Needless to say, this is the band’s magnum opus up to now.” “Her Majesty” is the last single until their debut album drops. 

The Corduroy Blue - release self-titled EP
The Corduroy Blue (2022)

After a string of independently released, well-received singles, they have signed a production deal with Real-2-Reel Studios, owned by Collective Soul’s Will Turpin. With the help of the whole TCB team, The Corduroy Blue look to release their sunshine-soaked, power pop self-titled debut album in fall 2022. The hope and the goal is to perform the record across the country, exciting old fans, and making new ones.

The self-titled debut by The Corduroy Blue is nothing short of pop-rock perfection. With its pristine production & sunshine-soaked approach to pop-rock and rock and roll, the album is sure to excite fans of old and new music alike.

The Corduroy Blue are redefining rock music, reintroducing it for the new generations of young listeners. It’s evocative of the past and a step in the future, it’s expansive. With enhanced lyrics and modern touches it’s something to look out for. The music can feel safe, energetic and relaxed, adventurous at times. 

Check out The Corduroy Blue:

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