Ashley McBryde Stuns Again With New Single “Light On In The Kitchen”

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I’m not from Nashville.

I’ve been traveling for a little over a decade, chasing music, dreams and everything in between. Because of the path I’ve chosen to take, I see my family maybe twice a year. It’s heartbreaking.

I always thought it would be a lot easier if I didn’t have a great family but I do. Particularly, my mom and Grandma. The women that raised me, prayed for me and spent many nights talking into the wee hours of morning with me sitting at the kitchen table. It’s a place I cherish so deeply in my heart.

Naturally, when I heard Ashley McBryde’s latest releases “Light On In The Kitchen,” I teared up.

Powered by the thoughtful lyricism McBryde is known for and carried by sweet, country melodies, “Light On In The Kitchen” creates the perfect feeling of nostalgia.

“When I tell someone there’s a ‘Light On In The Kitchen’ for them, to me it means you’re thinking of them, even if they’re not coming home that night,” McBryde said, “While writing this, we were all able to look back and remember the women in our lives who comforted us, gave us advice and made sure we knew we had a place to go. Writing this song showed me how necessary that simple comfort had been.”

“Light on in the Kitchen” is the lead single from McBryde’s upcoming fifth studio album. The as-yet-untitled project follows 2022’s concept record Lindeville.

McBryde continues to prove she is a force to be reckoned with in country music, showing her vast range of emotion, subject matter and masterfully crafted songwriting. To listen to a song of McBryde’s is to lend your ears to the authentic, the melding of old and new school Nashville and the keeping alive of the country music tradition. Ashley McBryde is an anomaly of a woman, in style, in nature and in artistry. “Light On In The Kitchen” is only the latest example.

Check it out here:

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