Artist Spotlight: Tabaris

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Tabaris is an independent hip-hop rapper and singer, hailing from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Tabaris’ music has been honed over time resulting in singles like Deposits and Hurt that amassed major streaming numbers across the top music platforms. Deposits managed to hold its spot for over 28 weeks on different radio charts and hit the number one spot on an independent radio chart. 

The self-discovery started when he used to visit Church and felt himself getting intense goosebumps from the melodious choirs. This ignited the passion inside Tabaris and he began learning instruments like drums and piano. Being naturally blessed with the music ability, he excelled in no time and soon went on to create his own melodies.

The artist manifests his deepest feelings and sentiments in his work to create personal contact with his listeners, while giving them something they can relate to. Being deeply rooted in the hip-hop genre, Tabaris has always looked up to legendary artists such as 2Pac, Biggie and Jay-Z.  Being a firm believer in individuality and creativity, Tabaris attributes his style to be wholly unique in a field overflowing with unoriginality; something that will bring people to a separate dimension.

For Tabaris, his people and the love for God inspire the art he produces. He has committed himself to repay his community with the language of music. His mission is to dive into the depths of hip-hop and share the extraordinary pearls he discovers on the journey. He takes pride in his work and Tabaris only sees growth for himself. The artist knows he has been chosen to leave a legacy behind; which is the sole purpose of his artistry.

Tabaris is clearly an artist on the rise.  His lyrics, vocal style and melodies are all memorable and top notch.  I look forward to seeing where his career goes next.  The sky is the limit for Tabaris.

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