Artist Spotlight: Caitlyn Strommen

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Singer, songwriter and author, Caitlyn Strommen is no stranger to vulnerability. Having suffered from mental illness, including anorexia and depression since the tender age of 12, she finds herself driven by the passion to raise awareness through her music.

It is not uncommon for an artist to suffer in the ways that Caitlyn has, what is uncommon, is an artist willing to talk about it. I mean, really talk about it. Caitlyn communicates her struggle with such raw openness that it gives others hope.

Strommen hails from Leicester, UK and has always found writing to be an outlet for her to heal and survive. She has poured her passion into music and has been crafting songs for many years. The artist describes her sound as being heavily pop with some songs leaning towards spoken word poetry. “They’re lyric heavy,” she says, and that is why we love them.

Inspired by artists such as Lizzo, King Princess, Maisie Peters, Taylor Swift and many more, she has always loved to sing. Caitlyn finds inspiration for her writing in poetry, past relationships, and experiences.

Pretty Little Traumas

While she is currently working on her second album, “Castles” she also released “Dollhouse” last year under the stage name “Miserableisobel” as well as the singles “Castles” “Villain” and “De Ja Vu.”

Be on the lookout for her next release, “Pretty Little Traumas.”

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