Artist, Actress And Influencer, Ksenia Releases Feel-Good Anthem, “Good News Only”

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Award-winning artist, actress, and influencer Ksenia just released her feel-good independent anthem, ‘Good News Only.’ With an upbeat tempo, dance floor-ready production, and perfect club sing-along lyrics Ksenia crafts an authentic tune that is just as uplifting and motivating as it is inspiring.

Ksenia’s life has been just as inspiring. Hailing from a small town in Russia, the singer and comedian often dreamed of making it big in America, much like pop sensation Britney Spears.

And that’s exactly what she is doing.

The multi-talented artist has been making a name for herself, working with producer Mario Marchetti (Demi Lovato) and writers, Gino Barletta (Katy Perry, Daya, Selena Gomez) and Melanie Fontana (Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, Britney Spears), as collaborators on her past and upcoming music projects.

Ksenia – American Music Awards

Good News Only‘ is expected to continue Ksenia’s push toward the top as her previous releases earned her spots on the iTunes pop charts as well as on TikTok editorial playlists.

The single playfully speaks from the perspective of a strong, independent woman. (I’m an independent bitch / Got my own money, don’t worry ’bout shit / Energizer bunny / Yeah, I just don’t quit)

The anthem brings all of the fierce vibes we need to tackle the days ahead.

We asked the singer a few questions ahead of the release…

Bridge: What do you want listeners to get out of your music? 

Ksenia: I want listeners to feel good and inspired. I feel like these past two years we’ve been through a lot. And lately, I’ve been protecting myself from all the negativity. I don’t turn the TV on, and that is what I recommend to my listeners. Good news only.

Bridge: How long have you been making music?

Ksenia: I’ve been making music for the last seven years and am constantly evolving. Now I think I wanna become a rapper!

Bridge: Where do you find your inspiration as an artist?

Ksenia: My inspiration comes from what I am going through, and the lessons I learn, I always have some wisdom to share through my songs (smiles)

Check out Good News Only, available everywhere now.

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