Anson Seabra Releases New EP “Feeling For My Life”

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Once again, story-teller extraordinaire Anson Seabra hits his fans right in the heart. 

His highly anticipated new EP, “Feeling For My Life” features nine tracks, including previous releases “Keep Your Head Up Princess,” Dominoes,” “Magazines,” and “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.” Bonus: it also includes the new track “Lucky Charms,” a collaboration with notable songwriter Amy Allen (Halsey, Harry Styles, Selena Gomez).

Seabra was already a successful artist in his own right with about 100k YouTube subscribers and already over million monthly listeners on Spotify before his songs took off on TikTok. We did ask him, however, about the role TikTok and other platforms played in his recent success. He said “TikTok has been a huge blessing, it has garnered me a lot of exposure that I would not otherwise have. Welcome to Wonderland probably wouldn’t be as big without it.” 

While Anson is humbly appreciative of the exposure from TikTok, understandably he and his manager have discussed steering away from being branded a TikTok artist. Though it is through the popular platform that many people discovered him, most assuredly, it would be putting him in a box we feel is much too small for a star of his caliber. As an artist, Seabra has a powerfully innate ability to create a melodic atmosphere for listeners to not only get lost in his songs but also provides a space to feel understood. He is a refreshing, standout talent in the over-saturated pool of young creatives on the market today. His songs deeply resonate with the listener and continue to raise him higher on the charts with each powerful release.

To no one’s surprise, Anson has grown his fanbase exponentially this year, with an astounding 4.6M+ listeners on Spotify and 726K+ subscribers on YouTube to date.

He is a creative mind, yes, but it’s interesting to know that his previous career was on quite the opposite end of the spectrum; software engineering. So dedicated to his craft, in fact, that he said he would frequently sit at the breakfast table practicing writing code while he was eating. That admirable dedication carries over to his music in a beautiful display of the power that the right brain and left brain have when working together on a common goal. In Anson’s case; to make some damn good music.

Curious, we asked Seabra about that transition from computer science to making music in a recent interview. “There are definitely parallels. The transition itself is pretty easy. I gotta say, I’d much rather just write songs for a living than writing code.” he says with a grin. “I do get sort of analytical sometimes when I’m making a melody. You can take the same string of notes and shift them over one beat. I do that a lot when I’m stuck on a melody. You can find the variables in the melody that you want to change.” You can feel his passion for both in his spirited response to the question, no doubt that his analytical gifting is part of what makes his songwriting so great. 

The EP,  produced by Anson himself, Dan Richards (One  Direction, Rachel  Platten, Anna Clendening & Loren Grey), Sam De Jong, and Jackson Foote (Loote), follows Anson through his tragic and endearing story of heartbreak,  and of one’s struggles with self-esteem. Anson’s soothing vocals encapsulate listeners on the first  listen and deliver powerful messages of overcoming the worst.

Keep up with Anson on the socials below for the latest news, shows and song releases!

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