Annabel Oreste’s Angelic Voice Inspires Hope at Denise Rich’s Cancer Research Gala

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Denise Rich’s fall gala took place on November 5 with its characteristic style and soul. Hosted by Gabrielle’s Angels Young Professionals Committee, the event represented an opportunity for young professionals to give back by contributing to cancer research. The milestone event hosted musical guests, including MLife’s Annabelle Oreste, who stands as a shining example of an artist using her talents for good. 

Annabel Oreste and Denise Rich – Source: Getty Images North America

The ascendant singer was particularly well-suited for a night of inspiring hope and togetherness. At this year’s event, that inspiration was integral. This year marked 25 years since founder Denise Rich lost her daughter to leukemia. Since then, the foundation has been committed to raising funds for innovative clinical research. Part of this goal is to uncover ways to approach leukemia and lymphoma treatments with novel therapies, including through music.

Oreste’s label, MLife Music Group, was founded on the idea that music has the power to heal. Founder Mike Jean had put this motive into action through his organization Hope For Them. One of the focal initiatives of this foundation was to bring music to people in healthcare facilities to raise their spirits and improve their life.

Anabel Oreste – Source: Getty Images North America

When Mike Jean founded MLife Music Group, he wanted to keep this mission alive. What he created was not just a label focused on performances, but one committed to philanthropy. To carry out this goal, Mike Jean hand-selects artists that encapsulate a commitment to hope in both body and soul, and together they endeavor to inspire unity.

Annabel Oreste joined the label and quickly gave a heavenly voice to this vision. Oreste unquestionably dazzles everywhere she goes, and it was no different on the night of Gabrielle’s Angel Gala. In a silver floor-length gown, she did what she does best: bring the passion, emotion, and heart where it’s most needed.

“It was a privilege for me to have had the chance to lend my voice to such a humble and beautiful cause,” Oreste wrote on Instagram.

Since her first performance under the label MLife Music Group, she has had a knack for inspiring a sense of togetherness. Her show-stopping voice captures attention, but the larger goal is to capture hearts. These qualities are what initially brought MLife Music Group and Annabel Oreste together, and what makes them fit so seamlessly into events like Denise Rich’s heartfelt gala.

This event comes just a few weeks after another New York-based event also focused on hope for the future. Oreste brought her voice to the stage of Eric Adams’ final campaign rally, where New Yorkers gathered as a community looking to usher in a new phase of unity and togetherness–the sort of energy that Annabel Oreste brings to every performance.

Joseph Theus, Annabel Oreste and Mike Jean – Source: Getty Images North America

Seeing Annabel Oreste take center stage at the Gabrielle’s Angels Foundation event represents the next step for the label in using the pitch power of its talent for the greater good. 

At both Denise Rich’s gala and Eric Adams’ Rally, Annabel Oreste shone a light on the importance of community and sang with a force that drew people in. The message at both events was one of hope, and the music that MLife brought to the attendees lifted that message to new heights, doing what they do best: making sure every heart in attendance is touched.

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