Amy Grant’s Journey Of Healing Since Concussion: “I Can’t Remember What I Don’t Remember”

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Amy Grant has been updating her fans on her health journey since the singer suffered a concussion in July.

Grant was thrown from her bike when she hit a pothole in Nashville (no surprise there) and was forced to cancel several performances due to her injury.

The 62 year-old finally returned to the stage in November but has experienced many side effects since the accident, namely, struggling to remember her song lyrics. “My memory is still coming back, and the stamina, they say 12-18 months after an injury like that.” She continued, “Six months in, so I feel really good! I anticipate just getting better.”

She doesn’t let that stop her though, saying “So far, right now, I use a teleprompter. Honestly, I can’t remember what I don’t remember.”

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