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Alexis Perry wants to connect with people through her music.

We sat down with the “Murder In Suburbia” singer to find out who she is, what inspires her and realizing her biggest dream as an artist.

Bridge: We love to tell people about new artists, but also love to hear them tell us who they are in their own words. So, tell us who Alexis Perry is….

AP: I’m someone who gets far too lost in my own head and then uses music to help me sort out my own thoughts

Bridge: Same, girl. Same

How long have you been making music?

AP: I have been making music seriously for about two and a half years, but I think I wrote my first song when I was seven years old.

Bridge: I can’t get over some of the artist we get to interview constantly saying they’ve been writing since they were kids. I must have been the most boring kid in the world cause I was just playing in dirt. (laughs)

I’m really curious, what would you say your biggest inspiration as an artist is?

AP: I am mostly inspired by the books and novels I read, and I let those works inspire my writing style and thematic style. I either go for the darker classics like Vladmir Nabokov’s “Lolita” or I read more southern gothics, like “Their Eyes Were Watching God”.

Bridge: Ah, I’m going to have to check that one out. I love that it’s books for you. I don’t hear that alot.

So I’ve been vibing to your tunes lately, what is your favorite song that you’ve created so far and why

AP: Rabid Dog would have to be my favorite song I created, only because the way it came about was so unusual. The instrumental behind the lyrics was actually meant for another song of mine, but I ended up not liking the original song so I wrote the lyrics to Rabid Dog, recorded them a few days later, and from there it became the song it is today.

Bridge: So good.

I can’t help asking what last year was like for other people in the industry. What was your experience?

AP: 2020 was an interesting year for me, to say the least, but it wasn’t all bad. Though it stopped me from performing, it gave me the freedom to focus on recording in the studio and gave me more time to write new songs.

Bridge: And we are so glad for that!

You know, I happened to hear that your fan base in Brazil is growing like crazy! How do you feel about that? The people in Brazil are so beautifully passionate!

AP: I am very excited about having a fan base in Brazil! Everyone from there that I have heard from has been so wonderfully supportive and kind, I can’t wait to hear from more of them.

Bridge: And what about Rock in Rio 2021, how would you feel about performing there?

AP: It would be a dream to play at Rock in Rio 2021, it would definitely become the highlight of my year and even career, if I am given the opportunity to perform at the biggest music festival in the world.

Bridge: Hey, it’s only a matter of time!

Aside from that, what would you say is the biggest dream you have as an artist?

AP: I think the thing I want to see the most come from my music, is to get to see people connect with my music, and in a sense connect with me through my music. If I am able to give support and facilitate others’ emotions through my work, that would be the most incredible thing to me.

Bridge: I feel that. That’s a true artist’s perspective in my opinion.

I gotta know, what projects do you have in the works for 2021, what should we keep an eye out for??

AP: I am going to be creating and releasing more music and music videos, and if all goes well regarding the ending of the pandemic, I would be touring and traveling with my music.

Bridge: Another “gotta know,” what song would be the soundtrack to your life?

AP: Lana Del Rey’s “Fucked My Way Up to the Top”

Bridge: Alrighty then!

Keep up with the latest on Alexis and check out her work below!

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