Adidas To Sell Yeezy Shoes And Donate Proceeds Following Split With Kanye West

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It has been several months since Adidas split with Kanye West after the artist made antisemitic comments on social media and in interviews. In that time, several discussions have taken place to decide what exactly to do with the remaining “Yeezy” inventory.

Ideas ranging from giving them away for free to burning the product.

“Burning those shoes cannot be the solution,” CEO Bjorn Gulden said, adding that Adidas will try to sell part of the remaining Yeezy inventory and “donate money to the organizations that help us and were harmed by what Ye said.”

At Adidas’ annual shareholders meeting, CEO Bjorn Gulden said the company had spent months trying to find solutions. He said the company spoke to nongovernmental organization and groups that were harmed by Ye’s comments and actions.

Specific details of the plan have yet to be announced but the company promises to provide updates as it moves forward.

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