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Through hardships, love and loss, Alyan is a phoenix rising.

We sat down with the Brooklyn-based artist to get to know the man behind the music. 

Bridge: Thanks so much for chatting with us! Go ahead and tell our readers who you are…
AA: Sure, my name is Adam. I make music and I’m so thankful for where I’ve been as well as where I’m headed.
Bridge: Gratitude is essential! How long have you been making music?
AA: I’ve been writing since I was young but I didn’t start recording until I was 15. I always produced and studied to learn how to be an engineer.
Bridge: (Laughs) Well I was doing nothing productive at 15 years old so that in and of itself, is pretty impressive.
Where do you draw your musical inspiration from?
AA: It’s obvious that my songs are pretty auto-biographical so I would say it stems from most of my real-life experiences. I draw inspiration from my friends, family, music, etc. I have a lot of musical influences as well that keep me striving.

Bridge: You are a man of many talents! Not only a singer/songwriter, but a rapper, record producer and engineer! Is there any one of those hates that you like to wear more than the others?

AA: I truly enjoy the songwriting process because that’s basically step one for me. Randomly, I’ll play something on the piano and start writing to a certain melody. The recording process and mixing process really depends on the day. Mixing is super fun, it’s where I get to bring the sound and vision to life, and then clean it up in the master. Writing and Engineering I’d say, I want to do this for other artists too.

Bridge: Tell us about your first EP “Love Thyself.” What was the inspiration for this debut?

AA: These songs are personal, I wrote most of the album in L.A. and finished recording in Dallas during an extremely tough time. I had taken so much footage in California and these tracks were reminiscent of how I felt before I moved to Dallas. I decided to release them into the world so I can work on this full album. The songs on here mean a lot to me and I’ll always remember that period of my life, where I started my self love journey.

Bridge: I feel like that journey is critical for every artist! Which song on that EP resonates with you the most?

AA: “In Person” and “If I Can’t See Heaven” The first because I was trying to make a long distance relationship work and I just always missed them so much. I always think of the timing of it all. I had to move back to NYC and leave behind a relationship, a home and a lot of friends. “If I Can’t See Heaven” means so much to me. I wrote it a month before my brother died. The song has so much significance and it speaks to people on so many levels. I lost a big part of my life and I will forever treasure and miss him. Beyond that, I know my purpose is to educate people on their worth and value. We all belong here, and we all deserve love, appreciate and loyalty.

Bridge: Wow, that is incredibly tough. I am glad you have been able to express that grief in such a tangible way. Thank you for sharing that with us.

Looking forward, what vision do you have for your music in 2022?

AA: A tour! I’d really like to start rehearsing and planning for my first tour in the states. I want the chance to interact and sing to my fans. I want them to experience me as a person, an artist and most importantly, a survivor. I want people to see me, hear me and through that, somehow acknowledge themselves in a new light.

Bridge: Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. And on that note, what do you want your fans to take from your music?

AA: I want them to go with the motions. Enjoy it, cry to it, relate to it, embrace themselves, love who they are, and realize that life is too short to be heartbroken and always in pain. I want fans to appreciate life and never take it for granted. That’s why I write lyrics to make them see the blessing in the curse.

Bridge: We will go ahead and end on a fun question.

AA: You lost me at the “in history.” To be honest, there’s so many songs I wish I had a part in. I’d say songs like “Climax” by Usher and “Earned It” by Week’nd

Follow Adam on socials and don’t forget to check out “Love Thyself” out now!

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