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Driven by faith and always willing to follow the paths of vocation, Henry Alexander González, known in the artistic milieu as Henry G, is a singer, writer, musician and rap composer of Dominican origin who has achieved great successes, including a Guinness World Record.

Taking the reins of evangelical urban music and becoming the pioneer of Christian rap in the Dominican Republic and much of Latin America for his production La Línea, led him to be recognized as El Decano, his hallmark. A dream that dates back to 1989, inspired by Vico C at a time when Rap was being heard more and more strongly among Dominican youth. It was then that Henry G and his childhood friend, Ruddy Ventura, formed the group Rhitmman & Buggy Young with the support of Hugo Peralta, from the group Fuerza Rap. Years of hard work went by in which the teaching of the Dominican artist Jesús Villanueva was key. Little by little, what would be a promising musical career was forged that led Henry to produce music for other artists, in addition to forming his production house Spinning Brain Records, which promoted great talents such as La Discípula, Néstor Ortega and Villanova, among others. A career that has earned him important recognitions such as: Arpa Awards, El Galardón Awards, Viva La Juventud Fox Music USA, Hollywood Music in Media Awards, among others.

We sat down with Henry to find a bit more about his heart and his music…

Bridge: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us!

We always like to start by having the artist introduce themselves in their own words. So, who is Henry G?

HG: Well, it is a bit difficult to have a fair opinion about yourself, but in a general sense I would define myself as a person who tries to use his art to take God to all the corners and spaces in which he is

Bridge: I love that. It’s a weighty calling. Not everyone wants to see God because of their misperceptions of who He is. I won’t get too deep into that though (laughs)

How long have you been making music?

HG: I started making music from a very young age, although it was mainly a game between friends in my native Dominican Republic, so I started recording professionally in 1999, which has been 22 years to date.

Bridge: That’s impressive. With as volatile as the music industry can be, many don’t make it that long so kudos to you! Okay, I can’t help it…let’s go back to your faith for just a second.

What role has it played in your music career?

HG: Absolutely decisive! Faith changes your perspective of the world and art is a large part of your world and your method of expressing yourself, so I think my art is different because my faith.

Bridge: I was expecting a profound answer and you did not disappoint!

You are well known as a pioneer of Christian rap in the Dominican Republic…what is that like for you?

HG: In the chain of commands, the pioneer always has a crucial role, since he is the one who paves the way that other generations must walk, In my case, I belong to a small group of people whom God used to create a movement that this moment plays a leading role in Christian Music.

Bridge: That is incredible. No doubt you have earned alot of respect in your circles.

Now, you broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest song released, what inspired such an effort?

HG: Challenges have always caught my attention. Since I was a child, very difficult things seduce me and in this case I had proposed to do the longest Rap in the world, but Guinness did not accept my proposal, as they considered it very specific so I paid attention that the longest song was 3 hours and that’s where I decided to create EL MANIFIESTO (THE MANIFESTO) and that’s how after a year of work by myself and my team we managed to complete the feat.

Bridge: I can honestly say that is a first for any artist that we’ve spoken to!

Which of your songs or projects are you most proud of?

HG: The Songs are like children, and within one feels a bit of sentimental attachment to each work, however I believe that EL FENOMENO DEL NIÑO (“THE PHENOMENON OF THE CHILD”), from my album LA ETERNA BATALLA (“The Eternal Battle,) manages to provoke emotions in me, as if it were another person who was singing it.

Bridge: You know, I think you just described something I have felt about songs without being able to put words to it.

Let’s talk 2020. I know that the pandemic affected each country very differently. How did you spend your time during the lockdown?

During that time I produced my new album EL SONIDO DE LA LUZ (“THE SOUND OF LIGHT”). I did many collaborations, I made music for other artists, I prepared my next Guinness Record, in short, Many Surprises.

Bridge: What advice do you have for other Christians called to a career in the music industry?

HG: Well, it is very easy to be attracted to a task that much of the time makes you feel like a celebrity, because I must say that not all that glitters is gold, forging a name and protecting it over the years, is possibly one of the most important things. Difficult you could face, if you add to this that art is a very insecure career, it stops looking so attractive, but it is God who is calling you to this. You will have a passion that will not be so easy to extinguish.

Bridge: What projects are you working on now?

HG: I am putting the final touches on AMC Reloaded, which will be published in the next few days, very soon also EL SONIDO DE LA LUZ (“THE SOUND OF LIGHT”) and the documentary that narrates the beginnings of our musical career until these days, which I think will cause a very good effect especially in the Latino community in the United States and in the rest of the continent.

Bridge: What song would you choose to be the soundtrack of your life?

HG: There is a Song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis called “Wings”, and the chorus and the music say things that I fully identify with: “I wanna fly Can you take me far away?Give me a star to reach forTell me what it takes And I’ll go so highI’ll go so high My feet won’t touch the ground Just stitch my wingsAnd pull the strings I bought these dreams That all fall down”….that song could well be one of the soundtrack songs of my life.

Keep up to date with the latest on Henry G on social media and check out his music below!

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