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Jamie Kucinski is on a mission of the heart.

The founding member of XIII Minutes launched “The Kardia Complex” to impact the world.

Their debut release “Come All You Weary” is an introduction to worship-rock fusion.

Bridge: Tell us who you are…

JK: My name is Jamie Kucinski. I’m from Tulsa, OK. I’m a proud husband and dad. Before I launched the Kardia Complex, I spent five years as co-founder of the band XIII Minutes. We were part of the Rottweiler Records Pack and released an album “Obsessed” in 2019. I’d also been an event coordinator here in the Tulsa area working to use music as an opportunity to impact our community in a positive way…thus the name Mpact Events. Mpact is technically an acronym for MoshPits And Cupcakes and the “t”..well that’s the cross and my “why” to everything I do.

Bridge: The Kardia Complex! We have to ask, where does the name come from?

JK: When I was working through names that I felt would be emblematic of the music’s message and culture, I pulled from my past. Back in 2015, I was in the studio working on an album that never transpired. It was set to be called ‘The Kardia Complex’. Long story short, the album would eventually be what we called ‘Obsessed’ but I never lost my affinity for the name Kardia Complex. This project literally is a complex of individuals from different walks of life coming together for a common goal; that is to collectively take what we do well to benefit one another and impact the world around us. Naturally, the question always comes back to “Why?” The simple answer is “That’s what is in our heart.” Now the Greek word for heart is kardia and it denotes the center of ALL spiritual life. So, the name can be broken down into a “Spiritual Complex” which is what we are both as individuals and as a collective.

Bridge: That is absolutely beautiful. I love the intentionality in that. Very prophetic in nature.

So, what is the big picture vision for your music?

JK: That is a very good question. My eventual goal is to take this process of creation and translate it to the stage utilizing my influences from the likes of Trans Siberian Orchestra, Sleeping Giant, and Hillsong. The project has been defined as Rock-Worship Fusion which I believe is an amazing description. My personal history is steeped in heavy metal all the way to modern worship and everything in between. I have found threads that weave through the genres that connect them in ways one might miss if they do not pay close attention. My ambition is take my observations and funnel them into a story line and presentation, very much in the vain of Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Bridge: Powerful, very powerful!

What obstacles have you faced spiritually in carrying out this calling?

JK: The main obstacle is staying the course of this growing vision that God placed in my heart so many years ago. I have had every opportunity for distraction and disappointment. Then there are more subtle obstacles such as those quiet moments where the proverbial chatterbox creeps in and tells you that you’re not ready, capable, etc. No one is going to understand, like, or embrace what you’re doing. It’s sometimes hard to not believe the negative things about yourself. In that, my answer has become very simple. I’m not but He is.

Bridge: Very true. It’s hard sometimes to dodge the fiery darts being thrown at you.

I’m curious, have you had any pushback from the church?

JK: I learned a long time ago that not every “church” is for everyone. I want to emphasize to the little “c” church. I liken the various congregations to the description the Bible gives; one body, many parts. I’ve been doing music consistently for the last 10 years and I know that there will always be those that do not understand or even want to understand what I am doing…..and that is ok. I have a hashtag that I regularly use that reminds me to take all those possible negatives and end it with this; “ButGod.” Let’s phrase it this way, my “c”hurch may not understand me…BUT GOD On the other side of it is the greater body of Christ that has supported me over the years in so many ways such as sponsoring my concert venues when I was hosting events. More recently, when I was on the road, the local congregations in many of the towns we visited went out of their way to welcome us. If I may simply highlight a couple of amazing examples; Chains Unchained Festival in Springfield, MO and The KOUJ Block Party in Norman, OK know exactly how to do it up.

Bridge: That’s wisdom right there. It’s good to have that big picture perspective of the body of Christ.

What projects are you currently working on?

JK: The main project right now is Kardia Complex. We have so much work to do to get ready for what is coming. As it stands, there is a live line up forming of 10 people which is a LOT to get together. I’ve been in the studio recording the music and getting the necessary resources together to begin mobilizing everything else needed. Once we get things rolling in a smooth, efficient manner, I will consider other projects. For today, I gotta stay focused.

Bridge: What are your goals for 2021 with your music?

JK: 2021 already saw THE major goal accomplished in that my inaugural single “Come All You Weary” was released. I’m also getting a Christmas track ready for this year as well. The launch preparation took me most of the year and now, I’m prepping for 2022.

Bridge: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

JK: How much time do we have? As stated earlier, I’m such a massive fan of Trans Siberian Orchestra. They have this amazing ability to bring people together from different walks of life, keep them all engaged through excellent storytelling and presentation. The founder of TSO, Paul O’Neil is quoted as saying ” “I wanted to take the very best of all the forms of music I grew up on and merge them into a new style,” O’Neill says. “Basically I was building on the work of everybody I worshipped: the rock opera parts from bands like the Who; the marriage of classical and rock from bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Queen; the over-the-top light show from bands like Pink Floyd… I always wanted to do a full rock opera with a full progressive band and at least 18 lead singers.” Well, I think I can relate to Mr. O’Neill so I honestly find inspiration everywhere. There is a beauty in music. One not found anywhere else in my opinion. When I put music on, I don’t just “listen” to it. I “see” and “feel” it. For me, the experience ramps up my imagination and Kardia Complex is finally the culmination of those experiences.

Bridge: Do you have any mentors in the faith that have greatly impacted your music?

JK: My mentors in faith really aren’t musical which is really weird. lol! My spiritual father is Pastor Willie George who founded Church on the Move here in Tulsa. I honestly could sit and listen to this man explain the Scriptures each and every day with a great big smile on my face. He lends such clarity to the pages and the wisdom he has imparted into my life cannot be overstated. I think, possibly, by the very nature of being part of COTM has funneled into this project’s inspiration. We are a very musical congregation and so many talented musicians are among us including Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning artist, Andy Chrisman. He is our worship pastor and his talent is truly what opened my ears to embrace more contemporary church music. Before I began attending COTM, you could not have gotten me to sit down and listen to anything but Hillsong (laughs).

Bridge: I know this might be a tough one…if you had to pick one song for the world to hear that would best represent God, what would it be?

JK: Actually, that one is easy. One song, Sleeping Giant “Tithemi”. It is lyrically simple yet amazing powerful. It says:

All fear, all pain, all hurt, all grief, all lies, must bow to Jesus’ name. All kings, all thrones, everything that breathes life, must bow to Jesus’ name. The earth, the sea, the sun, the stars, the sky, must bow to Jesus’ name. Hallelujah.”

Bridge: Amen! I love it!

Follow Jamie Kucinski and Kardia Complex on social media and check out the debut single “Come All You Weary” below!

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