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Genre-bending artist and mogul, Jordann Dwayne, is on his way back to the top.

After starting his rap career at 13 years old, the Houston native knows what it takes to dominate the industry.

Bridge: Thanks so much for chatting with us! Go ahead and tell our readers who you are…
JD: Thank you all for the opportunity! I’m Jordann, a creative artist and entrepreneur. A little person with big ambition and goals with deadlines attached to them!
Bridge: I love it! Can’t forget those deadlines!
I read that you started your rap career at 13?! Was it difficult focusing on your career with the everyday distractions of being a teenager?
JD: It’s crazy, music is what kept me focused and out of trouble as a teen growing up. Most kids wanted to go to the movies and play, I was trying to sell burned CDs of music I recorded at my friends make shift home studio. Looking back I realized I missed out on normal kid things, but it was worth it. It wasn’t as difficult back then competition wise. I remember growing up very few people wanted to be recording artists . There just wasn’t as many recording artist back then, so I was fully committed to believing I would be a child superstar if I kept going.
Bridge: That is some incredible focus. Honestly I think I was still just playing in the dirt thinking about curfew at that age.
What was it like being featured on MTV and VH1 at such a young age?
JD: Sometimes I still don’t think it soaked in! Even years later looking back, I’m constantly trying to find the next level but I remember being younger dreaming of being on TV. So when it actually happened I think the initial shock was so motivating that the awe factor didn’t hit me. I think one day I’ll wake up and say” Man… ANYTHING really is possible!”

Bridge: And what happened after that success?

JD: The first Mtv appearance was in the middle of a legal battle I was fighting, so I didn’t immediately realize that my fan base and numbers were growing like crazy! A few weeks later I noticed all the complied messages of people reaching out saying congrats and they heard this new song on TV, it was very motivating. Very humbling.

Bridge: The age old industry legal battle! What has been the most challenging part of navigating the industry?

JD: Realizing nothing happens as fast as you want it and EVERYTHING truly does take team work. People won’t tell you how much ground work and strategy AND money goes into a successful music career, but they show off the life. It’s a business, the fun comes after the work

Bridge: I wish I understood the reality of that before I started (laughs) I sold alot of my stuff in the beginning!
So, what projects are you currently working on?

JD: I have a New EP scheduled for release at the end of this year and MANY more singles in the vault just waiting on the right timing. I put together a few free projects but I’m just waiting on the right time to drop them. Want them all to have their time to be explored and appreciated.

Bridge: Very wise! Timing can make ALL the difference!
I’m gonna make you think for a minute… if you could only have someone listen to one of your songs to get to know you as an artist, which would it be and why?

JD: Wow this a deep question. I would honestly have to say Godspeed produced my good friend Major League Beats . There was so much pain that built that record, it will always be one of my personal favorites because of the way the sound actually touches your heart. It’s a short record but every moment counts. It’s not a “rap” record, it’s spoken word mixed with MUSIC. So it touches anybody who understands music.

Bridge: And what do you want your fans to take away from your music?

JD: That anything is possible. That pain can be the biggest motivation to create strength. I want people to feel they are limitless!

Bridge: What can we expect from you next?

JD: Creativity no one has displayed before. From my music, to visual work, to the business model and products my company and I are working on, just new creative limits.

Bridge: A man of many talents, we love to see it!Alright, let’s end on a fun note; If you could pick anyone to play you in a movie about your life, who would it be?

JD: Sheesh! Denzel or Will smith might do it justice!

Bridge: We would go to see that in a heartbeat! Thanks for your time, sir!

Be sure to follow Jordann on social media below and check out his latest release, “Revival” available everywhere now!

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