Q&A: Kinan Bishara-Collins

Photo by Kinan Bishara-Collins
Kinan Bishara-Collins is a personal trainer in Columbus, OH.  He was asked a series of questions, and an edited version appeared in the 2016 Mansfield and Proud Festival guide at the Mansfield Gay Pride Festival. 
Member’s of the gay community were asked a series of questions by the straight community. The questions follow..


How old were you when you realized you were attracted to the same sex?

A: 7

Did you realize that most people already knew you were gay before publicly affirming it?

A: Not at all. I was a big surprise for everybody.


Did you unconsciously form a support group of Gay and Lesbians Friends before going public?

A: Yes! An online Christian community called the gay Christian network.


Why did you feel the need to go public?

A: I wanted to date and love and enjoy life with no fear and be myself.


Do you worry that most people will not see a good man, but always just see a “Gay” man?

A: No because I usually don’t care what people think or how people see me.


Have you ever thought about suicide?

A: Yes! Before I came out.


Have you accepted your life as it is, and are proud of who you are?

A: Yes!  And I consider myself lucky


Did your family except you with open arms



What are your feelings on the public bathroom situation now?

A: No comment


Do you worry about going out in large crowds, like to bars, since the shootings?

A: I go out and more and celebrate my sexuality more since the shooting.


How do you feel as an American since the same sex marriage law has gone through?

A: It’s a shame that it took so long before it goes through. Who will make it up for the older or the past generations who did not get the chance to have their rights?


Do you feel like you are in the minority?

A: No! I feel we are special.


Do you find the opposite sex attractive?

A: No, but I appreciate the beauty from all sexes.


How do you know you are gay?

A: I had a boner when I hugged a guy once and I wanted to keep hugging him for a long time.


How do you view a bi-sexual?

A: I’m married to a bi-sexual