Where did the name for the magazine come from?

When thinking of what to put in the quarterly, one of the article ideas was one titled Bridging the Divide. The focus of this article was to open a dialogue between two people with opposing views on an LQBTQ topic, and have a civil discussion. The more I thought about the article and what I wanted to achieve with the magazine, the purpose of a bridge and the goal of this magazine seemed very similar...TR

What will the magazine look like?

It will have the same feel as a typical magazine, but a unique look. It will consist of sections grouped together by a common theme, like chapters. There will be a section on Life, Our Community, Travel, and the World, and they will all have a cohesive link to the main title; the “chapter’s” will be titled as “the bridge to…” Stories will consist of LGBTQ issues, along with issues any gender, population, or orientation can relate to.

Is this a "typical" gay magazine?

The Bridge Magazine will discuss topics that are important to the LGBTQ community, such has HIV awareness, acceptance, coming out stories, and community support. It will also address and discuss the opinions and views of those who are typically believed to oppose the LGBTQ community; it is important that both perspectives are addressed. Education and tolerance is a two-way street, and we want to educate and be educated at the same time.

Is this a free magazine?

The content online will be free, and will have a sample of the content printed in the magazine. The print magazine will be subscription based.

What is the connection with MGPA?

We are working together to achieve the goal of educating and uniting the communities. There will be a close working relationship between It's Just Words Media, LLC and the Mansfield Gay Pride Association to give the MGPA a platform that will reach beyond what is typical for a small town pride association.